A pilot study of the values underlying behaviours in Greek society: “How have “monsters” appeared?” Malvina Tsounaki, Sofia Konstantopoulou, Athenian Institute of Anthropos, Greece

This study proposes to shed light on the values guiding life in Greece.

A major goal of The Athenian Institute of Anthropos since 1963 has been to understand and facilitate processes in family therapy, training, and prevention.

Research became essential for a deeper understanding of the emotions, behaviours, relationships, and social context as it evolved through tremendous sociocultural changes, moving from a traditional society to a globalized world. During the recent pandemic, violence and anger skyrocketed. Families were forced to face each other and their issues in seclusion. Cases of depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, marital issues, and loss of jobs flooded our practices. Public opinion was shocked by the cold-blooded, premeditated cases of sexual abuse, rape, suicide, and heinous murders of women within families. The situation begs the question: What are the values that govern our lives? What is it in our society that creates these monstrous behaviours?

Conclusion: The most important hypothesis that emerged from this pilot study is a social split, a dichotomy separating the empty-hearted perfectionists from the desperate ones who didn’t make it in life. As the people of perfection strive for achievement, the losers in life, experience a growing gap, a growing difference from them.

The losers feel shame and blame themselves for their failures.

These findings answer the question “How have the monsters appeared?” since negative feelings such as anger, frustration, guilt, and sadness, lead to dramatic actions, such as suicide, femicide, murder and rape. Their actions reassure the rest that they are better and perfect. Rejecting traditional values, and religion, and trying to live independently creates an unsecured inner environment and a pretentious image of self-sufficiency outward. This egocentric individualistic shell protects them from despair, depression and weakness but leaves them homeless inside creating a personality with narcissistic tendencies.

One wonders: What about the common good?



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