Le développement des résonances en Europe, autour du travail de Mony Elkaïm / The development of resonances in Europe, around the work of Mony Elkaïm – Chair(s): Michel Maestre (PSYCOM INSTITUTE, France)

Presenter(s): Edith Goldbeter- Merinfeld (Free University of Brussels)Robert Neuburger (Centre d’étude de la famille association)Nevena Čalovska Hercog (Association of Systemic Therapists RS)Carmine Saccu (SRPF SRL)Romano Scandariato (Université libre de Bruxelles)Malvina Tsounaki (Athenian Institute of Anthropos), Maurizio Andolfi (University of Rome)

For almost 60 years, Mony Elkaïm was one of those who contributed to the development of systemic family therapies in Europe. He began his studies in Paris, which he continued in Brussels, specializing in neuropsychiatry.

Mony Elkaïm stayed in the early 1970’s in the United States, where he practiced social and community psychiatry in the Bronx. There, he discovered family therapy at its beginning.

Mony Elkaïm became the coordinator of an international network of alternative approaches in the field of mental health. He created a family therapy consultation in Brussels and then in 1979, the Institute of the Family and Human Systems.

In 1981, he organized the first family therapy congress in Europe. In 1990, he founded the European Family Therapy Association, of which he was President for more than ten years, before chairing over the Chamber of Training Institutes.

During this round table, we wanted to bring together some witnesses and friends who have accompanied him over the past few years, in order to evoke his memory and his work.

The idea of ​​this round table is to show how Mony Elkaïm was able to bring together therapists, beyond their culture, beyond their convictions, beyond even their practice to create, a movement, that of EFTA. Since then and until today, EFTA congresses have taken place every 3 years, this one being the first since Mony Elkaïm left us.

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