The Institute provides training to specialists who offer services to “Anthropos” – specialists in mental health and other health professionals, educators, managers etc., as well as parents and couples.

The trainning framework of “Anthropos” institute is based on the principles and applications of the Systemic – Dialectic Epistemology, as developed by its founders, George and Vasso Vassiliou, and continues to evolve by its current Scientific Consultative Team.



The personal development of trainees
(group and family)

Training at “Anthropos” is a process and consists of steps which continually become more complex and require ever more effective participation by the trainee.

The duration of training is determined by the personal rhythm of the learner, a personal rhythm that is respected and cared for throughout training.

The main goal of training is the development of “the whole person” – Anthropos behind and beyond the therapeutic role. Thus, the process of training at the Institute focuses throughout on the professional and personal development and the differantiation of the trainee.

The “Experiential Seminar”

During training, participants do not remain passive listeners but, rather actively participate in the process of learning by sharing personal experiences and emotions and interacting with other trainees and instructors in small groups and large group tasks.

refers to the trainees :

  • Learning through action
  • Learning from the emotional reactions that emerge from specific stimuli
  • Learning from inter-exchange in small groups
  • Learning by emotionally entering into the other person’s position and role with personal reflection and resonance.

Training for Professionals

Educational Seminars

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