Mapping risks, diagnosing needs and modelling multimodal intervention towards personal growth and social inclusion of young people in difficult situation

CHANGING YOUTHstories aims to foster personal growth, to increase social inclusion and to facilitate professional insertion of young people from at risk groups, by designing and piloting a framework for case-based diagnose and multimodal intervention that scaffolds the EMPOWERMENT, PARTICIPATION and ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP of these YOUNG PERSONS.

The objectives

The project’s main focus and attention is placed around 50 YOUNG PEOPLE that are in aggregated difficult and at-risk situations.

  • Ob.1 configure the SYSTEMIC EXPERTS TEAMS/SETs and bring in the youth at risk target groups in order to interrogate all for data to become baseline documentation for the project
  • Ob. 2 design and pilot the methodology, processes, instruments and resources for case-based diagnose and for multimodal intervention to support personal growth, social inclusion and professional insertion of youth at risk
  • Ob. 3 enable and guide the youth workers, DIRECT INTERVENTION TEAMS/DITs to develop expertise and confidence in using panoramic diagnose and multimodal intervention to design personal projects for the young people they work with
  • Ob. 4 startup ‘the social cooperative structure’ as the framework of intervention and support for the young people and their personal project of ‘recovery’ after diagnose
  • Ob. 5 empower, guide and support young people at risk participating in the project along the diagnostic and intervention route proposed to them
  • Ob. 6 collect all data that documents the experiences & lessons learnt during the project and, drawing on these, make a recommendation for public-private partnership.


Throughout it

YOUTH at risk refers to a large category, covering various types of situations that negatively influence individuals’ life chances to lead normal lives, to be employable and to realize their potential – migrants/refugees, young people that experienced dropout, or/and with an oppositional behaviour, and/or convicted for a, and/or those who experienced drug addiction. As our approach is systemic and multilevel, we speak of deep, qualitative, holistic engagement with these youth coming from Greece (AIA), Romania ( Centrul de Reeducare Buzias ),   Italy (  Eughenia  ) and Cyprus (Eurosucess).

 Project’s results (Outputs) and detailed methodology 

Strategies for parents/caregivers
«Adjustment for the refugee-youth in school community»
Strategies for parents/caregivers
«LGBT+ Refugee Youth»
Strategies for caregivers
«Unaccompagnied minors»
Strategies for caregivers
«Youth in Familly – Reunification process»


Handbook of Training in the Systemic-Dialectic Approach to Working with Youth at Risk


Chronicles of success
Positive story telling – log covering journey
towards solutions & ‘recovery’, curative and
preventive instrument


Start up.
Entrepreneurial framework for
social inclusion work and
professional insertion


Compendium for practitioners


Any communication or publication related to the Project made by the beneficiaries jointly or individually in any form and using any means reflects only the author’s view and the NA and the Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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