Scientific Coordinator:
Sophia Athanasiadou, Dipl. Social Work, E.C.P.

Sophia Athanasiadou, ECP certification

8 months, 40 weekly sessions, 2 hours each.
Total: 80 hours with small peer group work in between sessions.


This seminar comprises an experiential workshop that offers a first experience with the systemic view of the human being and his/her patterns of relating in systems such as the family, in-group, culture,  etc. It includes stimulus presentations by the trainer along with cognitive-emotional inner work on the individual and small group level.

Emphasis is placed on providing information and research findings on the skills and processes that  need to be developed by the human being so as to consciously design and serve a life of personal meaning in todays post-modern globalized context.


To sensitize members to the values, behaviors, family dynamics and patterns of relating of the  traditional Greek culture and to gain an understanding of the current process of transition to a postmodern reality.

To introduce members to the systemic view of the human being and his/her groups.

Acquired skills

  • To demonstrate an awareness of the principles that underliethe development of functional autonomy and differentiationfrom family origin.
  • To acquire knowledge of the principles of functional and sustainable relations in an ever-changing post-modern world.
  • To set clear and self-defined aims and goals with openness to actualize new information.
  • To set flexible personal boundaries.

To whom it is addressed

Students and young professionals of a humanities field (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, social scientists, educators…)


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