Scientific Coordinator: Dionyssis Sakkas

Supervisors: Dionyssis Sakkas, Kyriaki Polychroni – registered mental health professionals with ECP Certification.

Trainers: Sofia Athanasiadou, Vassilis Charalambopoulos; Athanasia Katti

Guest Trainers: well-established trainers from various Institute Members of the European Family Therapy Association Training Institutes’ Chamber (EFTA-TIC).


Duration:  3 years (min. 450 hours)     –   2 Monthly 5 hour training sessions plus weekly participation as a co-therapist to the major trainers in family therapy sessions


The initial phase of this program focuses on learning the theory and methodology of couple and family dynamics and therapy: history and development, various schools, first interview and intake, functional family dynamics, family life cycle, circular questioning, first and second order cybernetics as related to the therapist’s role.

The next phase involves the trainees’ observation of family therapy sessions through one-way  mirror and their participation in the therapeutic team through involvement in the “reflecting team”.

The final phase includes the trainee undertaking the role of cotherapist, both next to a trainer and in peer co-therapy, and then he/she undertakes the role of Family Therapist under Supervision.

Each trainer is required to submit a thesis on his/her cases over the duration of training.


To provide training to mental health professionals so that they become qualified to work therapeutically with couples and families.

Acquired skills

  • To demonstrate an acquired knowledge of the history and development of family therapy and its various scientific schools and approaches.
  • To be able to conduct a systemic intake and history
  • To demonstrate skills in working collaboratively as co-therapist.
  • To integrate the training experience in developing a personalstyle as a family therapist.
  • To be able to practice couple and family counseling and therapy having developed a personal psychotherapeutic style

To whom it is addressed

To mental health professionals who work therapeutically with couples and families and who have successfully completed the Introductory and Intermediate Levels of Training

Educational Prerequisites

  • University degree in a mental health faculty (psychiatry,psychology, social work)
  • Must have completed the Introductory and Intermediate Trainingin the Systems Approach, the Applied Epistemology Seminar and the Systemic Consultation Seminar (minimum 3 years)
  • Must have completed or be in a program of Personal Development (Personal Therapy and/or Genogram).


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