60 years AIA

The celebration of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (ΑΙΑ) ‘s 60 years of operation (1963-2023) is largely intertwined with connecting and collaborating with the community, a principle that the Athenian Institute of Anthropos has continuously served and this recording seeks to highlight in a creative way.

It is our pleasure, therefore, for the ΑΙΑ Community to talk about the actions it has implemented and plans to implement. We will learn from them, reflect upon them, and be called upon to offer them.

I am present…

I am present means

I walk around the few powers I have left and ask who I am, where I am, what my words and deeds are in return.

I deny my fraudulent transfer to the future and my deliberate fixation on the past.

I search and find a place where I can see more clearly around me and in front of me.

Being more present means

I control my relationship with the masters around me, I turn my fear into knowledge, I accept my temporary loneliness and I replace the solidified phrase with the speechless act.

I am even more present means

I decide bitterly and soberly in my own time and my own space the way of my life and death.

D. N.Maronite, “The Alphabet of Slaves”, leaflet in the newspaper TO VIMA (26/2/1972) – Included in his book “Window Ladders, Buoys Without Window Ladders” (Kedros 1984)

Τι σημαίνει το ΑΚΜΑ για εμένα

What AIA means to me

Η Ιστορία των Βασιλείου και του ΑΚΜΑ

George and Vaso Vassiliou’s story and AIA

Hary Triandis for the 55 years AKMA

Hary Triandis for the 55 years of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AIA)

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