Trainers: Alexis Brailas  (PhD, Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist ) 

Chara Sotiropoulou (Systemic Psychotherapist, Career Advisor)

Duration: January 2021 – April 2021

12 two-hour weekly meetings (online), Wednesday 19: 00-21: 00.

If COVID-19 health conditions allow, there will be one or two live group meetings with experiential outdoor activities.


Digital Storytelling refers to the process of creating and sharing personal stories, narratives and “fairy tales”, utilizing new media and the internet. At the same time, the systems view places digital narrative in the context of a collective group process. Thus, narrative with the use of digital media can be a way of expressing, creating and co-creating the experience and, ultimately, the self.

The workshop is developed in 12 weekly meetings, where the participants learn the theoretical foundation and acquire the practical skills, in order to create their own digital narratives.


The aim of the workshop is to empower the participants through the creation and sharing of stories with the use of digital media. Through the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the Systematic Approach to Digital Storytelling, so that they can use it in their own practice with people and groups. Meanwhile, they acquire skills in the use of computers and the creation of digital storytelling, discovering the joy of creation, cultivating their creativity and developing their skills.


The bases on which the whole project is based are the SystematicApproach, the Narrative Approach and the Interactive Self, by utilizing the experiential way of working and the active participation in the group.

The team follows the principles of Adult Education and those of transformational learning.

Participants learn the theoretical principles and acquire practical skills to create their own digital narratives. Each week there will be a topic that the group will deal with on a theoretical level and, at the same time, there will also be an online coordination and connection meeting (via video conferencing software), in which participants will have the opportunity to take part in experiential exercises and share with the team.

Throughout the program, there will be open communication between participants, and also between participants and moderators by asynchronous media (active discussion forum).

At the same time, through this process, the participants get acquainted with the Systematic Digital Narrative approach, so that they can use it in their own practice with people and groups.

To complete the program it is necessary for the participants to create their own digital storytelling, either individually or in pairs or small groups.

To whom it is addressed

The “Systemic Digital Storytelling Workshop – Stories that humanize us” is aimed at educators, psychologists, social workers and, in general, professionals working with human systems and communities (no prior knowledge or training in the systemic approach is required).

To study the relevant literature, a good knowledge of English is essential. It is also necessary to have a basic familiarity with the use of PC and internet.

Educational Prerequisites

University degree of relevant school (pedagogy, psychiatry, psychology, social worker, etc.) or fields of similar direction (medicine, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology) or students of the respective schools.

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