The Athenian Institute of Anthropos, (A.I.A.) is a Center for Research, Training and Development of Applications in the Behavioral – Social Sciences of Anthropos (the Greek word for Human Being, that is, the ‘’Whole Person’’). It belongs to the Society for the Advancement of Human Relations Research, (S.A.H.R.R.).

It is a professional non-profit association, founded in 1963 by Drs. George and Vasso Vassiliou, and is based in Athens, Greece.

The Α.Ι.Α. was conceived of and, since then, functions as a collective academic effort based on the process of co-creating, co-producing and sharing amongst the Anthropos Institute Associates who are all social scientists.

The Anthropos Institute uses a Systemic – Dialectic Psychosocial Approach according to which “Anthropos”, is conceptualized as α biopsychosocial, open, information-processing, decision-making, Anotropic System. This approach evolves in the context of the ‘whole’ which emerges from the interconnectedness of processes at different levels – that of the individual, the family, the group, the community, the society, and the world at large. It is a multi-level, multi-focal intervention model and uses milieu-specific cultural research.

In the continuously shifting economic and social circumstances, changes in our lives is a reality.  The individual, the relationship, the group, and the institutions are besieged and destabilized.  AIA, since its foundation and up today tries to hear social needs and to respond to requests for cooperation and support that come either from institutions and organizations or from the members of the AIA community who work in the field.  As a result, AIA plans and implements interventions within a number of institutions and frameworks (i.e. schools NGOs, therapeutic centers, associations, groups of employees, scientific associations, Universities, and community) with the purpose of contributing to the management of organizational and personal difficulties as well as of designating cooperation as the pillar of creativity and growth.  In these interventions participate experienced/graduand trainees of AIA, members of its wider community, associates, and they take place under the supervision of the Scientific Consulting Committee.


Within this framework of offering, AIA provides the Programs “Offered Personal Development – POPD” and “Offered Family Therapy –OFT”.  These specific programs address individuals who on the one hand ask for support and could benefit from this service, while on the other cannot afford the financial cost of such a need.  The services are provided by experienced renowned professionals, with longstanding experience in the field of group and family psychotherapy, and under the close supervision of the Consulting Scientific Committee.

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