“Terra Incognita– Leadership for Antifragility” is the main topic of the 31st Leadership Conference organized -remotely- by EASE (29-30 October 2020).

The Director of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AIA), Mr. Petros Polychronis,   participates in the panel of speakers with an intervention on Saturday 31 October 2020.

Mankind has seen previous pandemics and upheavals. Companies used to take risks – almost nothing, after all, remain the same in a global interconnected, volatile world.

However, we have never seen, at least in the living memory, a pandemic that put the whole planet in inactivity.

When no one knows when the proverbial return to normalcy will occur, the uncertainty expands.


We live through incertocracy (incerto: uncertainty in Latin).

We sail without a map. We walk in terra incognita.

How can we build antifragile organizations that not only resist shocks but can benefit from them?

During the conference, we will explore the terra incognita of our times and discuss how leadership creates antifragility.

  • What are the exploration skills leaders need in order to lead the way through the uncertain and scary jungle of uncertainty?
  • How does leadership work in a world of contactless contacts?
  • How do employees cope and managers manage when they are away from the office?
  • PROGRAM: View the conference program here!
  • SPEAKERS: View the conference speakers here!

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