Experiental 4-hour workshop on mindfulness as taught at the Center for Mindfulness of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, including intensive practice in various meditation methods, didactic presentations, advice on incorporating mindfulness in daily life as well as ample time for discussion and questions regarding the practice. The workshop is open to all levels, irrespective of previous experience in meditation or mindfulness. It is suitable for those who: 
– Wish to learn more about the principles of this practice to manage stress and cultivate a more conscious lifestyle
– Have already completed a mindfulness workshop or program and wish to reconnect with the practice
– Already have a home mindfulness practice and wish to practice with the support of a group or are looking for answers to specific questions regarding their practice
– Are interested to find out more in order to decide whether to deepen their practice with our 5-week Mindfulness Immersion program
If you are interested to participate in this workshop taught in english, please contact us at info@onebreath.eu
Based on the scientifically-backed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program developed at the Center for Mindfulness in the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts, Mindfulness Immersion is a 5-week intensive experiential mindfulness program. It includes systematic training and practice in various meditation techniques (such as awareness of breath, walking meditation, body scan etc) and mindful movement while an important part of the learning experience is the group process and the use of CBT psychology tools. The program aims to cultivate greater awareness, resilience and emotional stability even in the midst of difficulties, thus helping us handle the challenges of everyday life with greater effectiveness and ease. 
New groups starting in March 2018 – if you are interested to participate in this workshop taught in english, please contact us at info@onebreath.eu.

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