Generational Genogram

Scientific Coordinator: Kyriaki - Protopsalti Polychroni, M.A., C.G.P., E.A.P.
Supervisors-Consultants Kyriaki Polychroni, Sophia Athanasiadou Both registered mental health professionals with ECP certification.
Duration: - 3 years, monthly group sessions,
- 2 hours per session with in depth individual work on personal
- 3 generational family genogramic processes in between the sessions.



This activity is an essential part of the trainees’ personal therapy: training in the development of the self of the therapist.

During each monthly group session: in-depth individual and group exercises/tasks on inner  processes as related to family of origin and personal genogram.

In between sessions: individual exploration of personal genogram through:

  • interviewing extended family and ingroup members
  • collecting stories that reflect intergenerational patterns of relating
  • searching for the patterns that connect 3 generations of family relations

Final year: presentation of personal genogram to the group of trainees.


  • To become familiar with the Genogram methodology that offers an in-depth analysis of how individuals relate to each other and emotionally bond.
  • To develop an understanding of Genogram data in applying the 3-Generational Genogram approach to self development and therapy.
  • To study and record relationship patterns between family members and the individual dynamics that maintain them.
  • To provide the setting for trainees to explore their personal family relationships of 3 generations and to identify repetitive intergenerational patterns of relating that influence their own behaviors today.


Acquired skills:

Participants will develop skills in:

  • Collecting genogram data
  • Recording and studying relational patterns between family members so as to conceptualize problems/symptoms in terms of intergenerationally transmitted patterns of relating.
  • Participants will be able to reconnect with their family of origin with refined functional skills of relating.


To whom it is addressed:

Professionals in the mental health field (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses) and other social scientists who work with individuals, group/families (educators, sociologists, anthropologists).


Educational Prerequisites:

Completion of a minimum of 3 years group therapy (self-development).


for more information about the program you can contact ΑΚΜΑ center here

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