Scientific Coordinator: Dionyssis L. Sakkas, MD, PhD, ECP

Supervisors-Consultants: Dionyssis Sakkas, MD, PhD, ECP certification

Duration: 10 monthly meetings, 4 hours each   –    Total hours: 40


Applying the Systemic – Dialectic Approach

The Seminar of Systemic Consultation for the Professional Role (SSCPR) is addressed to those professionals who, having been trained at the AIA, are prepared to apply the Systemic – Dialectic Approach in the practice of their scientific and professional activities.


Among the aims of the seminar are:

  • the fulfilment of the trainees’ needs in knowledge, skills, and attitudes in their professional practice and through utilizing the evolving group process, to contribute to their personal and professional development.
  • the immersion into the Dialectic Systemic Epistemology and its applications to the Professional Role. Focus is placed on working with the specific counselling and psychotherapy contexts of the trainees
  • the seminar’s emphasis is training in Inter-professional Consultation and Supervision.

To whom it is addressed

Trainees who have successfully completed the Introductory Training Level in the Systemic Approach (4 semesters), and who have practical experience in a therapeutic or prevention field.

Also addressed to professionals who, after the long-term experience, are acknowledged, consultants or counselling specialists.

Educational Prerequisites

University degree in a mental health faculty (psychiatry, psychology, social work) or a relative field (medicine, pedagogy, sociology,  anthropology).


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