Scientific Coordinator: Dionysios Sakkas – Director of the AIA

Supervisors:  Dionysios Sakkas, Apostolos Sabaziotis, Lyda Panagiotopoulou, Alexis Brailas

Duration: 10 monthly meetings, 4 hours each.   –   Total: 40 hours   –    Small peer group work during the month.


The seminar through the experiential interaction in small and large groups and the theoretical presentations of principles and concepts of systemic theory (i.e. living systems and complexity, second cybernetics, chaos theory, social systems, autopoiesis) contributes so that the participants connect cases/situations from the areas of their professional responsibility and their personal life/pathway with recent systemic – epistemological understandings and systemic perspective of the modern world.  During the seminar, the trainees guided by the trainer, assume the responsibility to present themselves in the way they have been trained, the connections under study using also relevant bibliography/articles.


The aim of the Epistemology seminar is the understanding of the scientific developments in the area of the Systemic Approach and its applications in fields such as group and family dynamics, the understanding and training intervention in institutions and macro systems.  In this direction, various issues are studied; the Living Systems and the management of complexity where the participants reinforce the skill of the systemic view of the world, understand in an experiential way the clinical cases of family, group and institutions, under the light of the theory of systems and they familiarize with the systemic narrative of personal interaction and family dynamic.

Whom it addresses - Educational Prerequisites

The seminar addresses professionals with a degree who work with the human and its groups (i.e. psychologists, doctors, social workers, social scientists, educators) as well as professionals who through their work experience and their special training are in a position to be acknowledged as counselors or specialists in counseling and/or psychotherapy.  Basic prerequisite is the candidate to have completed the introductory training in the Systemic Approach (Familiarization with the Systemic Way of Thinking), to have assumed the role of small group coordinator under supervision in the activities of AIA for a sufficient period of time (> 1 year) and to have entered didactic group therapy or other personal psychotherapy.

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