Diplome, Pedagogie Curative, Universitι de Fribourg, Switzerland. Diploma of Pedagogy, Academy of Education, Larissa, Greece.

Private Practice both in Athens and Larissa (1976-to-date), in Family Therapy, Group Therapy and Prevention through Socioeducational Experience.

Family Therapist and Trainer at the Therapeutic Community ‘’Exodos’’ of the Therapeutic Center for Addicted Individuals and their Families, (KE.THE.A).

Former Associate of the Foster-Family Program and the Program for Staff Training in Child Development, Family Dynamics and Institutionalized Care at the National Model Preschool Center of Kalithea.

Former Teacher at the American College Program of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Former Director of the Center for the Prevention of Delinquency of the Society for the Protection of Juveniles, Greek Ministry of Justice.

Founding Member of the Hellenic Association of Systemic Therapy. Member of the American (A.G.P.A.) and International (I.A.G.P.) Group Psychotherapy Associations.

Member of the International Family Therapy Association (I.F.T.A.).

Areas of specialization:

  • Family Therapy and Group Therapy with Children and Adolescents.
  • Actualization of Psychological Evaluation Test Results to Therapy.
  • Sensitization to Child Development and Family Dynamics for Groups of Mothers.

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